Growing up in South America, Uruguay has shown her a path of humble beginnings, to say the least. This makes Ana very special because she is not after making a buck but rather making a difference in people’s lives. Always making things by hand has been her second nature since a young child. Fun fact, she used to make her own glue to make homemade kites or pinatas with her grandparents.

Living in the states for so long (more than 30yrs) all those costumes were lost, so she thought. When Life made her a mother; that was the point that everything changed. She had been reminded of her Roots! Everything that was put on their skin, in their body, or in the air all of the sudden mattered.

She began again a journey to learn all possible ways to improve the way they lived. Always Seeking a natural way of living! The only way we improve fastest is by going back to school. So, she got licensed in Aromatherapy in 2013 and started creating a full skincare line for all needs of her home, and shared her passion and products with the world. Altogether she had created more than 20 products for people and pet needs… It was a lot of work, but it was all items that she used in her home and shared with others.

Each year she keeps improving each product and service. Many products have been removed to give her more time to focus more on the best of her categories. For three years she moved back to South America Uruguay to make the kids bilingual and more rooted.

Now they are all happily living a Natural life on the East coast, growing and sharing not only her creations but also her passion with everyone she comes in contact with. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet her you know exactly how she is electrifying in joy and full of life. Now in her 40s, a happily married mother of three is very excited to expand her wings on all social media platforms.

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